I’ve written a couple things now about what inspired me to start this blog and pursue early retirement/financial independence, but I thought this may be a good opportunity to get a little more personal and provide some more insight into who Mr. and Mrs. Funance are, what makes us tick and what we enjoy doing.

So I guess I’ll start with the standard “what we do for a living”. Don’t you think it’s odd that when we first meet a person one of the first things we almost always ask that person, or share with them is what we do for a living? That strikes me as odd because how many of us truly define who we are by our jobs? I know that personally my work is only really a small piece of who I am. Even when I am in the groove at work and having a lot of success, there are other things in my personal life that mean so much more to me.

Anyways, that was a bit of a tanget. what do we do for a living? Well, I (Mr. Funance) work for a  financial services organization as a Risk Manager. I’ve spent the last 10 years of my career in risk in different arena’s in the financial services industry. I’ve had some ups and downs on this career path, but generally speaking the results have mostly been positive. One of the most surprising things to me about working in the financial services industry while being involved in personal finance is how different then two areas are. Most people assume that I am good with money because I work in the financial industry. And my experience has been that working in financial services does not make one good with money. In fact, I would argue there is no correlation at all! The skills and information you need to successfully manage your finances are not in any way correlated to what is needed to be successful working for an insurance company, bank, or even a hedge fund or investment firm. What about Mrs. Funance? Mrs. Funance works in healthcare as a nurse and has aspirations to become a Nurse Practitioner. Meeting Mrs. Funance has helped fuel my desire to FIRE, in part because of what she does for a living. Each day she goes to work saving lives and gets to see the results of her work. I have always had a hard time connecting my work to tangible results like that. That isn’t to say there aren’t tangible results, I am fortunate enough to say that my work does matter and I have seen proof of that over my career. It’s just not always easy to see.

So who do we share our life with? Our pets!


Not the clearest picture, but I think it tells the story of our pets! We have a cat (Stan) and a dog (Stella) who have brought so much joy to our life. Stella likes to think that Stan is her best friend in the whole world, but the cat isnt’ having it! Watching these two fight each other is something else! While they may fight with each other these two are so loving and kind to my wife and I. Nothing makes Stella’s day more than being able to curl up next to us on the couch while we watch some Netflix. And Stan has his nightly routine of hopping into bed with us to snuggle up between us before we fall asleep. There’s something about kind, loving animals that just warms your heart.

Video games. Yes, video games. I am a huge video game fan! Yes, even in my 30’s I still enjoy sitting down with Nintendo, Playstation, and Xbox to grind a way at Halo, Mario, and Final Fantasy. Games aren’t for kids like many people think they are (well I mean they are, but they are also for adults too!). So much immersion and such an inteactive way to escape and unwind for a couple hours. There are things that games can do that TV and movies can’t, and that’s why I love games. Another favorite of mine? Pro wrestling! Yes, now you are probably starting to wonder if I am a 30 something striving for financial independence or a teenager who isn’t quite sure if “wrasslin” is real! I assure you, I’m the former! But much like video games, wrestling is just another form of escapism. It’s a soap opera for men, a real life comic book in many ways. The entertainment value is off the charts. It’s still real to me!

In a similar vein, Mrs. Funance loves Harry Potter! Fun fact: before meeting her I had never read the Harry Potter books and only seen the first Harry Potter movie. Needless to say that has changed since we started dating. Every time ABC Family/Freeform has a Harry Potter weekend, that is what our TV is locked on. She is also a huge fan of The Walking Dead (I am too, but I think Mrs. Funance takes the cake on this one for me). We are dying (pun intended) to see the season 7 premire tomorrow to see who Negan whacked at the end of season 6 (my money’s on Abraham and/or Glenn). Mrs. Funance also took up running before she got pregnant with our daughter and has ran two half marathons! Words can’t describe how proud of her I am. She ran the second one while 3 months pregnant too! That is something I don’t think I could ever do.

We are also huge sports fans. Baseball, basketball, and football. Although we tend to be a little more focused on the college game than then NFL. Being a sports fan can be frustrating as it makes it a bit tougher to cut the cord on that cable bill, but we’ve found a few ways to make it cheaper!

Perhaps our biggest “guilty pleasure” if you will is how much we love going out to eat. That doesn’t always sit well in the financial independence/frugality world, but it’s one of the things we love to do. To us, it’s an experience to get dressed up, get out of the house and check out a new restaurant, take in the ambience, and try the food. While we’ve definitely cut back from when we first started dating, we still love to do it when we can. And with baby on the way, we are trying to take in a few more restaurants before we are bound to the house for a while! We enjoy cooking too, but haven’t quite come to master the food quality of what we can get out of the house. Maybe with the new baby we will be able to get there since we’ll be cooking more!

So that’s a little bit about who we are, what makes us tick, and how we spend our time as we work towards financial independence. And hopefully, when we do retire, we’ll have a lot more time to dedicate to these hobbies, and even develop some new ones 🙂