A couple quick thoughts this morning.

My wife gave birth to our daughter last Monday and we made it home on Thursday after a draining week at the hospital. That combined with the Thanksgiving holiday the week before have made for an incredibly busy couple of weeks in the Financials household. As for me and this blog a couple thoughts and/or comments:

  • Tending to my daughter and wife are my top priority right now. There is only so much I can do to help care for them but I need to keep them as my top priority
  • My health is my number 2 priority. I have had struggles with weight gain the past several years and need to drop some weight as the weight gain has led to borderline high blood pressure and could be a factor in my sleep apnea. Having a baby makes this a higher priority
  • I am still going to be working on this blog, just not as frequently as I had hoped for. We will see how things pan out caring for my daughter but caring for her will eat up much of the time I had planned to spend on the blog
  • An overview of how the Funances spend their money is coming soon. This has been the biggest slowdown for more content for the blog. I have been reworking how we track out spending and analyze it monthly for a while now. I just got stuck along thwart and haven’t been able to finish it. But I am close and will share as soon as it’s ready.

Above all enjoy the holiday season. Don’t get too sacked into the marketing of the season! Instead buy someone an index funds and help them invest! Side note on that-one of the things I am most excited about doing is starting an investment account for my daughter in hopes that when she enters the real world I can give her a huge head start on investing and early retirement.

Enjoy the season and Merry Christmas!